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Permits and Planning



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    Provincial Policy Statement

    This Provincial Policy Statement was issued under section 3 of the Planning Act and came into effect April 30, 2014. It replaces the Provincial Policy Statement issued March 1, 2005.

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    Erosion and Sediment Control Guidelines

    The “Greater Golden Horseshoe Area Conservation Authorities’ Erosion and Sediment Control Guideline for Urban Construction” is intended to be applied within all member municipalities encompassed within the GGHA watersheds to protect and preserve the water quality, aquatic and terrestrial habitats, and form and function of their natural water resources. Kawartha Conservation recommends this Guide for all urban construction projects.

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    Streamlined Permit Application Form

    Streamlined Permit Applications are only applicable for relatively minor projects such as: sheds, unenclosed decks or patios, single residential docks, swimming pools (outside wetlands and erosion hazards), minor grading/fill placement up to 20 m3 cubic metres (outside of a watercourse or wetlands), maintenance and/or repair of public infrastructure (e.g. roads, sewers, flood and/or erosion control works, water supply, etc.) and culvert replacement (same length and diameter).   

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