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Stewardship Strategy

Kawartha Conservation's 10-year Stewardship Strategy will assist our Stewardship department in the implementation of our Strategic Plan and specific watershed scale documents (such as watershed plans and lake management plans) that identify stewardship action for the next 10 years.  The Strategy will guide our team while we strive to realize our vision of “natural features and functions of the Kawartha watershed are valued, protected, restored and maintained so that they can continue to provide ecosystem services for future generations.

Download a copy of the Stewardship Strategy



Private land stewardship is simply voluntary conservation. It’s about making land management decisions in your own back yard which promote a healthy natural environment. Some of the actions and their benefits include the following:

    • Rehabilitate and restore vegetation along river courses and lake shores in order to help prevent flooding, reduce shoreline erosion, filter sediment from surface water runoff, provide wildlife habitat, and improve water quality.
    • Prevent or reduce the impacts of drought and improve soil supporting healthy farms and agriculturally related industries.
    • Protect and restore important wetlands and forests that will in turn prevent flooding and erosion, store excess water during intense rainfalls, help recharge aquifers, and capture carbon emissions.
    • Protect urban and rural green spaces for residents to enjoy and to help filter and cool our air.
    • Maintain important green corridors and natural habitats for birds, fish, and animals.
    • Prevent invasive species from impacting native plants, animals, birds, fish, plant communities, and other wildlife.
    • Encourage healthy populations of native plants and animals by providing suitable habitat.


Summit 4Summit 6Summit 1

The Community Advisory Panel and Kawartha Conservation held a half-day Stewardship Summit to gather community input on lake management plan implementation on July 15.

The Summit engaged area full-time and seasonal residents and solicited input on lake management plan implementation projects and priorities.

Here is a summary of the ideas and suggestions from the break-out group discussions.

Stewardship News

No matter where you live and how much land you live on, there are things that you can do to enhance your property and the environment, and we can help! Click on where you live below, and get started today!

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