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Towns and built-up areas are part of a healthy watershed, healthy people, and a thriving local economy. Whether you own, rent, or manage property in town or another type of built-up area, you can make an impact through environmental landscaping and best management practices on your property. These practices can have many benefits:

  • Filter sediments, nutrients, and other contaminant from stormwater runoff that enters storm drains, and local rivers and lakes
  • Reduce the potential for flooding, while conserving water
  • Recharge groundwater aquifers
  • Protect and restore native biodiversity (i.e., diverse native plants, birds, fish, butterflies, and other wildlife)
  • Improve air, water, and soil quality
  • Contribute to quality of life and human health.

What actions can I take?

There are many ways to contribute to the health of your property, neighbourhood, and watershed:

  • Plant native trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and grasses
  • Use environmental lawn maintenance practices
  • Avoid the use of chemical fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides
  • Work with environmentally friendly materials, such as permeable paving and sustainably harvested wood
  • Leave a minimum of 3 feet of natural vegetation along creeks and lakes, and plant native shrubs, flowers, and grasses to help protect the shoreline
  • Conserve water by planting drought tolerant species, and using rain barrels or cisterns
  • Create a rain garden
  • Remove invasive plants that enter your yard; and
  • Reduce or eliminate pollutants, such as litter, oil spills, and overuse of de-icing salt.

Additional Resources

We can help

Knowledgeable staff can help you take action!

  • Not sure where to start? Schedule a free onsite consultation and receive personalized advice for enhancing your properties and protecting water quality.
  • For training opportunities and workshops, please see our events page for current listings.

Programs and Services

Access programs and services to help you take action:

seedling purchase thumbnail

 Seedling Program

Purchase native trees, shrubs, and grasses for your projects 


lakescugog thumb

 Scugog WATER Fund

Apply for a grant to help with projects on your property in Durham Region within the Kawartha Watershed


BlueScaping Graphic website

 BlueScaping Program

Learn more and be part of this exciting new approach to landscaping!




 Native Plant Distribution Program

Learn more about the Native Plant Distribution Program.